FASHION SCOOP: The Gentleman Straight Outta Lasgidi

Styled by Samitex. Picture Source / Christopher Nelson Obuh
Styled by Samitex. Photo/Christopher Nelson Obuh

The making of a perfect gentleman usually starts with a perfect look. Your choice of outfit must be in perfect harmony, so you look GBASKI!

This week’s fashion scoop will focus on two designer stylists making there place in menswear in Lasgidi.

Be it casual, cooperate, or traditional outfits, paying attention to every single detail counts.  Based in the heart of Lagos we’ve got aspiring and upcoming designers that can make you that perfect gentleman.

Samitex Designs is huge on native and and casual wears. The owner of the brand, Samuel prides himself in classically finished apparels and is based in Surulere a major fashion hub in Lagos, take a look at what he has to offer.

Styled by Samitex
Styled by Samitex
Styled by Sami tex
Styled by Samitex
Samuel, Owner of Samytex
Samuel, Owner of Samitex

Tobeque Couture preaches style and a dapper look that is perfect for an upscale event. Managed by creative director Francis, the brand is one of the most promising upcoming fashion houses in Lagos. He is located in Obalende, see his works below:

Suits by Tobeque. Picture Source /
Suits by Tobeque. Photo/
Francis, Creative Director Tobeque Couture.
Francis, Creative Director Tobeque Couture.
Owambe by Tobeque

Take a walk down major Surulere streets, or Obalende popularly called Eko, you will be amazed at the style and fashion being created in Lagos. I can gladly say I wear NAIJA made, as we’ve got a lot of fashion and style giants straight outta LASGIDI.