Considering a Business Venture in Nigeria, Look no Further Than Juice


It is pretty evident that humans are living in a far more connected society than yesteryear. Everything one might ever wish for is a click or text away. With the increase in a globalized society comes a need for efficiency in managing as many tasks as possible in a short amount of time including food consumption. However, it may become difficult to fit all the macro-nutrients and micro-nutrients needed in one day into a fast paced lifestyle, especially in Nigeria’s major cities of Lagos, Port Harcourt, and Abuja.

So where can one go to get their nutrients?, many millennials have chosen to look no further than to juicing. Juicing is the extraction of vegetables and fruits into drinkable form. In terms of a business venture, owning a juicing/juice company has seen an incredible profit return for the likes of companies like Simply Green and So Fresh Neighborhood Market. While leveraging social media as a way to get tech savvy people to know their brand, opening up permanent locations, and providing virtual delivery services, both companies have seen a great return on investment when it comes to the business of juice. Moreover, both companies are committed to producing a product that is either organic or free of genetic modification, a general focus for those choosing a healthier lifestyle.

Nigerians are showing an enthusiasm for cold-pressed juice and with “juice being the third-most consumed breakfast item, after coffee and cereal, according to Harry Balzer, a chief industry analyst at The NPD Group,” one can easily see this as a worth while investment for a continued market for sales and income. In comparison to large soft drink companies like Coca-Cola and Pepsi small players like Simply Green and So Fresh not only provide a healthier alternative but continue to expand their overall volume sales throughout Nigeria, despite the leading players fighting to maintain their existing market shares.