Are Nigeria’s Elected Officials Provided with too Much Security Detail; Former EFCC Head Seems to Think So

ribadu former efcc chairman

Mallam Nuhu Ribadu was a keynote speaker at the Nigerian Institute of Management’s (NIM) 2016 Conference in Abuja, Monday, September 19, 2016.

The former Economic and Financial Crimes Commission head honcho (former chairman) did not parse words when it comes to what could be seen as a hypocritical style of leadership under the auspices of the Buhari-led administration. Ribadu spoke about the need to refocus on the “fight against corruption” also known as Buhari’s “anti-corruption campaign”, but in order to do so, many elected officials needed to make reductions to their currently “ostentatious lifestyles”.

One of the needs of elected officials, in any country, is security, but when is security detail considered too much?, according to Ribadu, “there is no reason, for example, why we should continue to see the long motorcades for both elected and appointed leaders”.

“Yet, the cancerous virus of corruption is inherent in most of us. It is the temptation to make free money, or use influence to gain undue favor or influence”.

The EFCC acts as a governmental body that fights against money laundering and acts of fraud, in addition the EFCC is a key agency in the fight against terrorism in Nigeria. Ironically, while Ribadu was chairman of the EFCC, he was accused of accepting bribes from elected officials.