71st UN General Assembly: Buhari Speaks on Nigeria’s Refugee Crisis


President Muhammadu Buhari addressed world leaders at the 71st Annual UN General Assembly in New York, New York (UNGA 71) at UN Headquarters.

Buhari addressed the conundrum of managing the refugee inflow in conjunction with Nigeria’s shrinking economy. The Boko Haram insurgency, although dwindling, continues to be a destructive force, as the terrorist organization launched fresh attacks in Nigeria’s northeast region, killing six individuals on Monday. Among the victims of the attack in Talari were the village chief and his son who were beheaded according to Premium Times Nigeria. The Boko Haram insurgency coupled with the environmental danger of a shrinking Lake Chad may continue to envelope Nigeria and the Lake Chad region in a huge refugee crisis.

President Buhari mentioned a figure of 600,000 refugees that have fled Nigeria to its neighboring countries, Nigeria is dealing with over 2 million displaced residents in country. The Boko Haram insurgency has seen a reduction of two-thirds of its once claimed territory and Buhari did mention the the IDP issue is being addressed. His statements remain contrary to independent non-governmental organizations such as Doctors Without Borders and Human Rights Watch who say that not enough is being done to protect and feed IDPs in refugee camps nor is enough security and information provided to IDPs who are looking to return to their homes.


According to Premium Times Nigeria:

An official of the Vigilante Group of Nigeria in Borno state, Abbas Gava, confirmed the incident to journalists on phone.

“The gunmen invaded the village in the early hours of Monday and they stormed the home of the village head, Ba’ Lawan, where they slaughtered him and his son”, he said.
“After killing the village head and his son, they burnt his home down and as the villagers began to run for their lives, the gunmen opened fire on them killing two persons, while many of them escaped with injuries”.

Mr. Gava said Talari, an agrarian community in Damboa Local government, is located between Kilakia Village and Chibok.