FASHION SCOOP: Coral Beads a Royal Mix to Your Everyday Look

Coral Bead
Coral Beads

In times past and present coral beads represent royalty. In most parts of Africa this signature piece is worn by kings, queens, and nobles to distinguish themselves.

Nowadays the coral bead can be worn by anybody. The beads come in different designs, styles, and shapes. I have a varied collection of coral beads and chains, because I feel it adds a perfect touch to outfits. You can rock the beads on casual wear, native attire, and even cooperate outfits!

Although, people mostly wear coral beads during ceremonies, especially traditional marriage in Africa, it could be a necklace or a bracelet, but be rest assured that whatever it is, it sure rocks.

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Coral Bead Bracelet. Photo/
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I think this antique bead has a permanent place in our day to day looks.

This ancient African accessory has got a perfect blend of easy to wear and affordability, perfect for the fashion world today.