Budget Padding: Go for a Psychiatric Checkup; Leo Tells Jibrin

Minority leader, House of Representatives, Hon. Leo Ogor. Photo/Naij.com

In a bizarre case of who done it?, the budget scandal affecting the Nigerian House of Representatives continues. Following the recent N10bn accusation made by the former chairman of the committee on appropriation, Abdulmumin Jibrin against the leadership of the House of Representatives, Minority Leader of the house Leo Ogor, has asked Jibrin to undergo psychiatric evaluation. Jibrin claimed that money from the 2016 Budget was converted to personal pockets, rather than being used to run federal offices. The leadership of the house claimed that Jibrin was fired on July 21 for “abusing the 2016 budget”, just after he accused his fellow colleagues of the very same thing.

“Jibrin churns out baseless figures; his case is fast getting out of hands. Honestly, he needs help to stop peddling lies and to deliberately rubbish the names of his colleagues and the institution of the National Assembly. I have seen that this man has an issue with his head and he should see a psychiatrist. Tests should be conducted on him urgently. I don’t know what he stands to gain by peddling lies against his colleagues”, Leo Ogor said while allegedly conveying the feelings of the leadership of the house.

Ado Doguwa the Chief Whip of the house has asked Nigerians to disregard Jibrin’s allegations as he lacks credibility, in further support of Ogor’s sentiments.

Doguwa said: “there is nothing new to respond to. As far as I am concerned, all that Jibrin had said and whatever he may have to say in the future, are not true. They are baseless and false claims from a man, who up till now, has not come out of the shock of his removal as chairman of the committee on appropriation. Jibrin has lost credibility in the face of the law and in the eyes of every reasonable Nigerian. He has no regard whatsoever for truth or falsehood. I therefore urge Nigerians to disregard every statement from Jibrin because they are malicious and unfounded. The fact is that, we now have a case of a man who is confused and demoralized and could therefore say all kinds of rubbish, thinking that Nigerians would believe him. A typical example of his inconsistencies is the way he now named all the 10 principal officers and not the only four he had earlier ‘allegedly indicted’. Jibrin is a sheer disappointment and an embarrassment to the National Assembly as an institution.”

Talks about budget padding continue amidst a climate where Nigeria is in a technical recession and after many delays in the budget being submitted for approval to the Nigerian Senate.