Friday Fashion Appreciation: Alter Ego Lagos

The concept of creativity that’s the most interesting is how it allows for various forms of expression.

From product design, to building structures, to fashion, it is evident that a unique eye for design is required to create anything that is inspirational and phenomenal for consumption and importantly appreciation.

Diana Opoti in Alter Ego
Ego Madueke Creative Director and Owner of Nigerian based fashion line, Alter Ego.

This week’s Friday Fashion Appreciation, is the Lagos based brand Alter Ego, conceptualized by the brand’s creative director who is an architect with a flair for fashion.

Alter Ego, as the brand’s name suggests, a second self, is an extension of the creative director whose name is also “Ego” (translated as “money” in the Igbo language).

Ego Madueke’s desire to express her creative side through fashion, where she had no formal training, despite her educational background in architecture, all seem to have fused to create a brand uniquely identifiable by its ultra chic aesthetic and hint of cultural inspiration.

Her enthusiasm for fashion dates back to a young age, where she designed clothes for those who’d let her, her commitment to both her academic background in architecture and creating textile with its own personality, birthed the brand. The Alter Ego brand now known for quality, comfort, and overall fashion forward style has positioned itself nicely in an overly saturated market.

Eku Edewor in Alter Ego
Eku Edewor in Alter Ego Lagos

The brand positioning screams luxury with a modern twist, targeted at the grown woman with style and a taste for contemporary fashion. By fusing a good eye for details and admirable taste in local fabric, Alter Ego Lagos is the go to brand for the love of all things chic, fresh, sophisticated, but still youthful.

Miss Africa USA, Frances Udukwu in Alter Ego Lagos
Miss Africa USA, Frances Udukwu in Alter Ego Lagos

Madueke’s ability to successfully merge her architectural background and flair for fashion into building a distinguishable unique brand, is what qualifies her as this week’s Friday Fashion Appreciation on Nigerian Reporter!