FASHION SCOOP: Adekunle Gold Reinvents Adire

Adekunle Gold in Adire round neck polo
Adekunle Gold in Adire round neck T-shirt

Your fashion expression gives an in-depth meaning of the inner you, as such you have to let your ideas loose, set your imagination free, and be bold about your fashion concepts. Adire cloth (indigo dyed cloth majorly from Yorubaland, Nigeria) could be considered an almost extinct fashion trend before now, this use of textile was given a lift after Nigerian singer Adekunle Gold appeared on television screens across Africa in the dyed textile in varying hues! And just like him you can feel free to express yourself in Adire.

Adekunle Gold in Adire waist coat
Adekunle Gold in Adire waist coat
Adekunle Gold in Adire
Adekunle Gold in Adire T-Shirt

Gold is a also a songwriter and graphic designer, and his funky and casual expression of the Adire cloth sure shows his desire for quality and style. He rocks the Adire so well, in different cuts and bold designs that his take on the age old cloth is slowly becoming a sensation.

It could be a shirt, a waist coat, shorts, pants, even a jacket, Adire has been reinvented.

Adekunle Gold in Adire Shirt
Adekunle Gold in Adire button down shirt

History of the cloth

As published on their website, “Adire are indigo dyed cotton cloths that were made by women throughout Yorubaland in south-western Nigeria”. Dyeing involves creating a pattern by treating certain parts of the fabric. The dye used is made either from indigo leaves, which grow locally or imported indigo grains.