Central and South America a New Haven for African Refugees

Cross section of refugees.Picture Source / ibitimes.co.uk
Cross section of refugees. Picture Source/ibitimes.co.uk

As Europe tightens its borders to shut off refugees and asylum seekers from war-torn and impoverished parts of Africa. The African refugees now seek new havens in Central and South American countries.

They embark on treacherous and life threatening journeys in search of greener pastures. Statistic shows that the recent influx of Africans into this region is enormous.

A touching story of a young Nigerian man who fled the country for São Paulo, Brazil was reported by Al Jazeera: “Uchen Henry hid in a ship’s crane for two weeks, only sneaking down at night to search for food and water. He left Nigeria with just his mobile phone and a little food after his brother, head of a fishing union in Lagos State, was killed following a dispute with a local politician”.

Brazil’s once growing economy and relaxed immigration laws are the major factors behind a four-year 800% increase in asylum requests. Nigerians, Congolese and Angolans are the common nationals seeking refugee status in Brazil.

In Mexico, the wave of migrants has overwhelmed the border city of Tijuana. Most of the refugees are hoping to cross over to the United States from Mexico, “while the Mexican migrants remain the most numerous at 60%, the number of people from African countries such as Eritrea, Somalia, Ghana, Ethiopia, and Congo is increasing” that is according to a report on Mexiconewsdaily.com

The humanitarian crises faced by these refugees leads to hundreds of them winding up dead, as they are exposed to different kinds of abuse and assault.