FASHION SCOOP: “Agbada” the Revolution

Heineken-Lagos-Fashion and Design Week LFDW Street Style. Picture Source /
Heineken Lagos Fashion and Design Week Street Style. Picture Source /

The “agbada” is a prestige attire worn by Nigerian men mostly from Yoruba descent. This legendary attire denotes, power, fame, royalty and wealth. It’s a flowing wide sleeved robe that goes beyond the knee towards the ankle.

In recent times the attire has been redefined and “swagalized”. Nowadays it’s not just worn by men as women now ravish the attire in different designs, and even kids are not left out.

A lady in the male inspired Agbada. Picture Source /
This woman rocks all white for her male inspired agbada. Picture Source /
This little boy is swagalicious from head to toe in his agbada. Picture Source /

As designers and fashion illustrators try to outdo each other, the agbada’s revolution is breathtaking as different styles have been made to fit virtually every occasion. Even “oyinbo” (foreigners) look outstanding in the agbada.

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Head to toe swag for these men attending a traditional Nigerian wedding. Picture source /