Budget Padding Woes for the Nigerian Congress Turning into a House of Scandals

Hon. Ado Doguwa. Picture source / aadoguwa.com
Hon. Ado Doguwa. Picture source / aadoguwa.com

Following the padding allegation made by the former Chairman of the House Committee on Appropriation, Hon. Jibrin Abdulmumin, the chief whip of the house has condemned the allegations, calling it frivolous and baseless.

Mr. Jibrin had accused the speaker of the house, Hon. Yakubu Dogara, his deputy, Hon. Suleiman Lasun, the chief whip Alhassan Ado Doguwa and the Minority Leader, Leo Ogor of padding the 2016 budget.

In an interview on Sunday with Channels television, Ado Doguwa claimed that the house has the right to amend the budget. He called its a legitimate responsibility and as such it’s not a crime.

“When you expect a legislator to work on a bill, certainly he has the constitution and supreme right to deal with that bill at any level, whether in first reading second reading or general reading.

At whatever level the legislator engages a budget, he is doing nothing but his legitimate responsibility,” he said.

He described Hon. Jibrin as an enemy of the institution of democracy, their great party, All Progress Congress (APC) and a cancer in the legislative system. He said its wrong and illegal to call lawmakers “padders” over frivolous and baseless accusations.

However the speaker of the house about a week ago said “padding is not an offence”.

The speaker had met with the President and the country waits the aftermath of their meeting.