Three Nigerians Executed in Indonesia for Drug Trafficking

indonesian prison
If America has Alcatraz prison, so Indonesia has Nusakambangan prison. The colonial government built a high security prison on the isolated island to exile criminals and political dissidents. Photo/

Three Nigerians have been executed in Indonesia, after being convicted of drug trafficking.

Michael Titus Igweh, Seck Osmane, and Humphrey Jefferson Ejike all Nigerian nationals were killed by firing squad alongside an Indonesian national named Freddy Budiman on Indonesia’s Nusakambangan prison island, shortly after midnight local time on Friday, July 29.

It was also reported that ten other convicts who were supposed to be executed had a stay of execution. “It’s not a pleasant thing but it was to implement the law. The executions are only aimed at halting drug crimes, the rest will be carried out in stages,” said Indonesia’s Deputy Attorney-General, Noor Racmad. The other ten awaiting trial include four Nigerians, three Indonesians, one Zimbabwean and one Pakistani national.

Authorities did not give reasons why their executions were halted. Ricky Gunawan who acted a attorney representative for Humphrey Jefferson Ejike called the execution process a “complete mess.” “No clear information was provided to us about the time of execution, why only four [were executed] and what happens to the ten others,” he told AFP.

Human rights activists around the world have condemned the actions of the Indonesian government. According to a report by BBC “Amnesty International condemned the killings as a ‘deplorable act’ that violated local and international law”. Indonesian President Joko Widodo, popularly known as “Jokowi,” is said to have ramped up a “War on Drugs” after he took office in 2014, “rejecting clemency appeals for 60 death row inmates” (New York Times). International analysts have questioned his stance on a so called war, specifically since prior to Jokowi taking office the Indonesian government in recent years (2009-2014), had executed only four prisoners.