Buhari’s Government is not Ready for Dialogue – Niger Delta Avengers

Nigerian President Muhammadu Buhari juxtaposed against the backdrop of Aso Rock, Abuja, Nigeria. Photo/Emem Etto Blog

The Niger Delta Avengers (NDA) have called out the Buhari led administration for a supposed “delay tactic.”

A statement issued on the NDA’s official website on Tuesday, July 26, 2016 by the group’s spokesperson, Brig. Gen Mudoch Agbinibo was released as follows:

The NDA intelligence agency gathered that the said peace talks or dialogue by the federal government is a delay tactic employed by the federal government, to enable their purchased drones that are said to arrive latest end of August from the United States.

This whole thing makes us to wonder what kind of country is this? We can all see that President Buhari led government is fraud. They are not serious about any dialogue and made it seems the Niger Delta Avengers are the ones not ready for dialogue.

Mr. President you can purchase all the drones in Europe and United States. It won’t stop the Niger Delta Avengers from bringing the country’s economy to zero. The worse you can do is to kill poor innocent people which the military is good at but know the Nigeria Economy will suffer. Also noted, you will not be able to export one liter of crude in the Niger Delta. Just intensify the oil exploration in the North East as for the ones in the Niger Delta forget about it because the Nigeria government won’t export a drop from our land.”

The Niger Delta Avengers have been attacking oil facilities in the Niger Delta region of the country. They claim to be agitated over the government’s neglect of the region for decades.