Best African Summer Destinations Edition I (2016) took some time out to scour through dozens of travel related websites to find out which is your best summer destination this Summer 16′ on the African continent. In our first edition of “Best African Summer Destinations” we give you the best destinations for Africans to travel and a few travel tips too. We are not talking about the Egyptian pyramids, because, although nice, you know about that already. We wanted to include lesser known locations in combination with where Africans are traveling to the most this summer! These are the top 10 destinations this summer to relax, soak up the warm sun, or chill out at the seaside.

Travel tip: All nationalities book their summer holidays very late, with the peak search  weeks summer period (1 June – 31 August) spanning from late July to mid-August. (

1. Fes (Fez), Morocco

fes, morroco

History and Moroccan traditions makes taking a trip to Fes a true vacation that the whole family will enjoy! It also provides a change of pace from the often traveled to Marakkech.

2. Knysna, South Africa

knysna, south africa,

Everyone loves the exotic allure of Knysna’s sandstone cliffs and lagoons and Africans are no exception as Kynsa comes in fourth place on Trip Advisor’s top African travel destinations but inches up two spaces on our curated list!

3. Diani Beach, Kenya


Diani Beach lies about one hour from Mombasa. Just look at where you could be right now if you were visiting this breathtaking beach!

4. Capetown, South Africa

capetown international airport

Capetown is the largest port city on South Africa’s coast and offers great food, beaches, archaeological sites and easy access to other locals in the area.

5. Pemba Island, Tanzania


Pemba Island is a favorite island for many Africans, Pemba has beautiful turquoise beaches and a slower pace of life that makes it a perfect, relaxing escape from the daily grind.

6. Kasane, Botswana

kasane, botswana, pininterest

Kasane is a town in Botswana, close to Africa’s “Four Corners”, where four countries almost meet: Botswana, Namibia, Zambia and Zimbabwe. Considered Africa’s gold-standard safari destination. Kasane is a destination not to be missed.

Travel tip: Strategize early and cover more than one country! Airlines like Turkish Airlines and Ethiopian Airways allow for easy travel across Saharan and Sub-Saharan Africa, plan early and you can cover multiple locals on your Summer 16′ trip.

7. Volcanoes National Park, Rwanda

rwanda-gorilla-full.jpg gorillas acess,com

History, geology, mystery, and unbearably cute gorillas makes Volcanoes National Park a popular destination for Africans, coming in at number seven on the list.

Travel Tip: Find out what you need to do to qualify for the All Africa passport.

8. Seychelles Islands

Seychelles. Photo/Federico Lorenzini
Seychelles Islands. Photo/Federico Lorenzini

Beautiful beaches everywhere and tons to do as far as water activities and sports is why the Seychelles Islands off the East African coast is ranked at number eight on our list. Not to mention the Seychelles is included on our romantic destinations list.

9. Coconut Beach, Lagos, Nigeria


Coconut Beach is one of the nicest beaches in Lagos, sip a ton of coconut juice with the beautiful scenery as your backdrop. It’s really a great place to go hang out while offering much to explore that provides a bit of a slower pace in the hustle and bustle of Africa’s largest city.

10. Yamoussoukro, Ivory Coast

basilica of our lady of peace is the largest church in the world. thedailybeast

Beautiful and full of tradition, the Basilica of Our Lady of Peace in Yamoussoukro has been described as a masterpiece of art in amazing town. Former Ivory Coast dictator Félix Houphouët-Boigny built a beautifully massive church that is known as the largest church in the world! Go there and find authentic culture and great food too.

Your last and most important travel tip: Failing to plan is planning to fail, but don’t plan too much, you are going to miss some activities but as long as you keep things in perspective and stay present, Africa is your oyster!