Kano Governor Sponsors 72 Youth to Acquire Automobile Skills

Kano state governor Umar Ganduje in red cap in a photograph with the trainees..photo author provided
Kano State Governor Umar Ganduje in red cap (center from left) in a photograph with the trainees. .Photo/Author provided

In a bid to empower the youth of Kano State, 72 youth have received training on auto mechanics, auto mechatronics (technology combining electronics and mechanical engineering), auto panel beating and welding and auto spray painting at the Peugeot Automobile Nigerian (PAN) Learning Center in Kaduna State.

The trainees after eight months training, have also been trained on Information Communication Technology (ICT), defensive driving skills and entrepreneurship skills to ensure that they are well equipped for the labor market. Kano State Governor, Dr. Abdullahi Umar Ganduje who visited the center said the genesis of bringing the youths to the PAN training center was to bridge the huge gap in skills and manpower development in the state.

Kano State Governor Abdullahi Umar Ganduje

“We have discovered that there is a big gap in terms of skills and manpower development in Kano State, we also discovered that there are some peculiar skills that citizens of the other parts of the country have taken over, you will discover that one can hardly find a mechanic on Sundays which is not conform with our culture in Kano State.” So in order to fill the gap, we decided to take those skills and get our own youth who will learn the skills and go back to the state as that is the surest way of sustainability.”

“If the state is dominated by youth from other parts of the federation, hence, all the wealth gotten from Kano is repatriated to their respective states because, there will be investments and those investments will be done in their respective states. “So when we have our own as well, it, means, whatever wealth they create, they are creating wealth that will remain in Kano and will help the economic development of the state,” he said.

Managing Director of PAN, Ibrahim Boyi said the biggest challenge facing the country as a nation is youth unemployment. According to him, with the growing population, any government that has taken it as a primary role to boast and grow youth unemployment deserves commendation.

“What Kano State has done, we hope, will be an example for many other states to key into especially in the Northern parts of the country because without skills and education, it is almost impossible to empower the youth because, the most veritable solution to youth empowerment is education and skills.”

He noted that the trainees have exhibited the industriousness of Kano people who are known to be the leaders of industry and urged them to be good ambassadors of the center by showcasing the skills they have acquired.