Pro Democracy Group Wants President Buhari to Investigate Human Rights Abuses


A Kaduna based group under the auspices of Democracy Dividends Development Initiatives urged President Muhammadu Buhari to urgently commence investigation on the state of human rights abuses in the last one year and take action to salvage the nation.

In a statement signed by the pro democracy group President, Barrister Suleiman Ahmed Akasawa, maintained that the call became necessary in view of the massive abuses of human rights in the country: “whereby the freedoms of the citizens are being abused by institutions and officials of government”.

The group while describing violations of rights by Buhari’s administration as worse since the return of Nigeria’s nascent democracy advised the government to put in place a better mechanism on how to deal with its overzealous officials and agencies found to have been committing the offense.

According to the group, the last one year had witnessed the highest level of prejudicial killings ever seen since the country returned to democracy:”Intimidations and threats to opposing views such that the judicial and legislature cannot freely exercise their constitutional functions due to fear of arrest, detention and imprisonment. This does not mean well for our nascent democracy,” the group added.

Akasawa argued that the hallmark of any democracy is respect for human rights and freedoms of the citizens by constituted authorities.

He further enjoined government to review its human rights records in the last one year.