7 Songs to Get You Through July

Music for July 2016

So you just broke up with your bae, or have you been having a tough time of it at work, prepping for a wedding, or maybe dealing with the flu?

Four days on a sick-bed will leave you emotionally exhausted but the road to recovery gets you rejuvenated and ready to kick ass!

From craving company, TLC (not the group but tender love and care), to crying myself to sleep because I apparently really hate hospitals, when you’re sick or going through any life struggles and can’t delve into your favorite vices, you get creative with finding alternatives to what I call “jiving up” your mood!

That gave me the idea to create a July playlist. The seventh month of the year is what I have officially tagged the month of perfection. While this playlist may not be perfect, I hope it jives up some really good memories and helps you get through your blues.

From Australian electronica artist Chet Faker to the smooth sounds of Janet Jackson to the self-proclaimed Prince$$ of Arnabi Louise Chantál with a mix of her electronica, RnB, and up-tempo sound, this is some of my favorite music to listen to right now that provides the right balance of introspection, self-reflection, solo-dance sessions, or redemption. It will give you back that “feel good.”

  1.  I’m Into You – Chet Faker
  2. Would You Mind – Janet Jackson
  3. Blessings – Chance the Rapper
  4. Sweeter Man – Drake
  5. Come and See Me – Erykah Badu ft Party Next Door (remix)
  6. Put Your Money Where Your Mouth Is – Louise Chantál
  7. Lies – Felix Snow + SZA

What are some of your favorite current songs or playlists?, Share your answers with us @NigerianReportr.