Oil Bunkering, Ikorodu Nigeria, and Persistent Insidious Crimes


Community leaders in the Ikorodu area of Lagos State have played a vital role in getting “oil thieves” arrested in the area. This is due to the cooperation between the acting Inspector General of Police and community leaders to tackle crimes that have been persisting in the area.

However, in reaction to the joint civilian and police task force seeking to decrease crime there has been a rise in militant attacks.

Over forty-five people have been killed according to Sahara Reporters to date. A source who preferred to remain anonymous told Nigerianreporter.com exclusively that most people killed were landlords to the apartments lived in by prominent community leaders. Non-community leaders have been killed in the area as well, with some surviving with lasting injuries.

Lagos Lagoon crossing- Ajah to Ikorodu

Business activities are at a slow crawl, specifically after the Lagos State Government Police announced their control over the area June 24, 2016, reports show further attacks were recorded, despite government intervention, as of June 26, there were allegedly over 500 troops in Ikorodu, although the numbers could have shifted, as of the date of this publication.

The areas effected the most include Igbo Olomu, Ishawo and the Ogijo community. Lagos State has recently experienced a higher number of kidnappings, rape, murders, and robberies, with creeks and lagoons enhancing an easy escape for suspects.