[CURATED] 2016 Summer Essentials: Fitness with a U.S. Army Veteran

One of the most essential parts of summer is the summer body! Usually bait for new summer loves, getting over an ex or just finally getting to that fitness new year’s resolution. This summer a banging bod is definitely an essential part of 2016!

I personally already started off with getting in my crunches when my day slows down and eating smaller portions and no food just fruits past 7 p.m. Hello 6 pack abs!

To ensure you get the very best fitness tips, I have enlisted celebrity fitness trainer Bimbo of Shitsuke Fitness, who works with models and TV personalities in Nigeria to help them achieve their banging bodies. Now he wants to help us with tips on how to get the essential summer body this year. The following essential guide can finally help you reach that dream body goal!

1. Eat cooked meals and stay away from fast-food and processed meals. Keep a diet that consists of lean protein, complex carbs, and healthy fats (check out the Shitsuke Fit blog for listings). Frequent meals in small portions will help increase metabolism, getting us one step closer to the summer abs we all want.

Lemon and Water
Lemon and Water

2. Stay hydrated at all times, particularly in your fitness preps for the summer. Remember to drink about 3 liters of water, daily. You can spice things up by drinking water with a fresh lemon, daily. Lemon is a natural diuretic that helps the body get rid of unwanted materials, stimulates your liver and promotes clearer skin. Gotta get the skin looking right for the summer folks.

Good Carbs

3. Get your carbohydrates! Carbs fuel the body for weight loss. Yes, I know it sounds insane but also remember that not all carbs are “good carbs”. White bread, rice and sweets are not the preferred choices for proper carb consumption. Stick to good carbs sources such as sweet potatoes, brown rice and whole bread, especially if you are interested in a summer weight loss.

HIIT with Few Models
Bimbo leads a HIIT workout with models from Few Model Management Nigeria, on the beach

4. Fall in love with HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training). To boost metabolism and get in proper shape, build lean muscles and get the summer bod, you have to “hiit” things up. As little as 20 minute workouts, three times a week will get the body to burn calories at a higher rate for the rest of the day. The body has to overcompensate and work harder to oxygenate itself to replace the oxygen depleted, your metabolism increases and you burn fat, quicker! And please, get to know what Bimbo calls the must do HIIT exercise – the burpee.

U.S. Army Veteran and current Nigerian celebrity trainer, based in Lagos, Bimbo.

5. Do you even lift? Incorporate compound lifts such as dead lifts, squats, bench press and even the clean along with your core exercises in your weight program to help promote lean muscle, definition and killer abs. For women trust you will not lose your femininity, in fact you will accentuate your curves even more!

By keeping a proper fitness diet and following these tips, you’ll be summer ready before you know it.

If you do find these tips helpful, tag @nigerianreportr x @ShitsukeFitness some of your summer body pictures and what tips you would give people for their Summer 16′ transformation.

BimboAn inside look at the trainer: I am a U.S. Army veteran with an extensive background in Procurement and Logistics. I served ten years with the U.S. Army Quartermaster Core where I got my first introduction to total body fitness. and I’ve been hooked ever since!

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