The Nigerian Statesman: Ben Murray-Bruce and His Inspiring Quotes

Ben-Murray-Bruce 1Opposition party and PDP Senator Ben Murray-Bruce is known to always lend his voice in matters of grave importance to the Nigerian nation. His hard-hitting words have endeared him to many especially on social media. He has also garnered varying opinions about his adversarial words for the president of Nigeria and the APC party.

Nonetheless, his Twitter handle does put out some inspiring words of wisdom. Here are 10 solid moments the Silverbird TV boss made extremely salient points that are thought provoking:

  1. It’s “fantastically corrupt” that Nigeria maintains a 10 plane Presidential fleet whereas the PM of a rich nation like UK flies commercial!”

2. “FG [the Federal Government] should instruct our embassies to acquire a database of diaspora Nigerians and open communications with them to help them invest at home.”

3. “We need each other. We must get rid of ethnic and partisan thinking. If only people of my tribe patronized @SilverbCinemas it will fail!”

4. “Right now the only thing growing in Nigeria is our population. A growing population and a shrinking economy is not a good combination”

5. “I celebrate #AminaAli, the rescued Chibok girl. She can be the new @Malala. A symbol who can give hope to women and the world over.”

6. “Increase minimum wage because the President and his cabinet, don’t buy fuel with their money, yet earn more than minimum wage workers who do!”

7. “For Nigeria to make meaningful progress, our leaders have to be more interested in the price of leadership than in the perks of leadership.”

8. “The problem with Nigeria isn’t people, its the structure! If we don’t fix our structure, even an angel will have challenges leading Nigeria.”

9. “I advise youths not to look at Nigeria from a pro PDP or APC perspective, but with a pro youth outlook. Your future is greater than a party.”

Lastly, the Senator posted the picture below with his additional statement just two days ago.

10. “The more things change, the more things stay the same.”


The paper is called Nigerian Statesman newspaper. This edition was published on the 2nd of October, 1984 and has Buhari on its front page. They say it was sold for 20kobo and exchange rate then was N1.25k to £1 while $1 was 76kobo.