Nigerian Senator Ben Murray-Bruce Says he was Blocked from Meeting PMB


Outspoken Senator Ben Murray Bruce has vented his anger towards President Muhammadu Buhari after he was allegedly prevented by the Officers of the Department of State Services (DSS) from exchanging pleasantries with him at the presidential villa on Monday.

Bruce, a former Director General of the Nigeria Television Network (NTA) and owner of Silverbird Television, revealed his bitterness towards the president through his twitter handle on Tuesday.

“I was at the Presidential villa. Went to the President’s table. DSS wouldn’t allow me greet him but let another Senator greet him,” he tweeted.

“My critics say I shouldn’t criticize the president openly, so I go and meet him one on one and I’m blocked. Am I not a Nigerian citizen?”

“If PMB’s handlers selectively block access to him, he runs the risk of being surrounded only by sycophants!”

“I have nothing against the President, however, nobody is too important to be criticized and my mouth will never be silenced!,” he added.

Murray Bruce is a member of the opposition PDP party, and has been a vocal critic of Buhari’s policies, including the recent removal of the fuel subsidy, he has urged the president to the raise the minimum wage along with the fuel price hike.