Humor, Love and History in Ghana Must Go

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I am excited to tell you I was invited to a media screening of the new Nollywood film, Ghana Must Go, May 17, 2016 at Leisure Mall, Surulere, Lagos, Nigeria. With every Nollywood movie there usually comes some reservations: will there be good acting, comedic timing, a genuine and dynamic cast, with this film you get all of that.

Ghana Must Go is such an interesting romantic comedy about Ama played by Yvonne Okoro and Chuks played by Blossom Chukwujekwu. Ama, a Ghanaian woman meets Chuks, a Nigerian man, in London while they are both attending postgraduate school.

In the usual rom-com format, Alex, Ama’s father, played by Kofi Adjorlolo, is a retired Army Brigadier General and in stern opposition to his daughter’s relationship. Alex vehemently opposes the duo’s marriage (they marry at a registry in London) and is annoyingly angry with the circumstances of their union throughout the movie.

His anger is further exacerbated by the tense history between Ghana and Nigeria over forced emigration. Historically, Nigerians were pushed out of Ghana in 1969 while Nigeria did the same to Ghanaians in 1983. The army general expresses his rage whenever he sees bags used for traveling termed “Ghana Must Go” bags._D008815 (Copy)

Veteran Nollywood actor, Nkem Owoh, is his usual comedic self in the film, playing Ignatius, Chuks’ father. In his opening scene at the airport when he goes to visit his impending in-laws; Ignatius “attempts” to call their city, Accra but he says ankara (a term for traditional Nigerian clothing). Sadly, he also travels to Accra with hundreds of Ghana Must Go bags, a goat and a chicken!

The film changes course when Ignatius and his wives (played by Ada Ameh and Helen Paul) meet Ama’s father. Alex tells his daughter that he is not happy with the rambunctious in-laws and Chuks appeals to his father-in-law for patience.

Overall the humor is great as Ama and Chuks are committed to their relationship, despite the travails. The acrimonious relationship between the fathers and the historical antecedents were played upon well to make this a great movie.

Visit the cinemas in Nigeria from June 10, 2016, I am sure it will be a treat.

Below are behind the scenes photos of the cast at the screening:

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