500,000 Refugees are Standing by in North African Shores


NEARLY half a million new refugees may head to Europe this year from Libya and North Africa – the EU’s foreign policy chief has warned.

In a bombshell letter to EU Ministers, Federica Mogherini said the “volatile situation” in Libya could trigger fresh chaos this summer.

The fresh wave would be on top of the near one million refugee border chiefs already feared will head to Greece again this year – from Syria and the Middle East.

Federica Mogherini AFP


Ms. Mogherini said the chaos in Libya alone raised the possibility more than 450,000 refugees “could be candidates for migration to Europe”.

She said: “In the last few months the eastern Mediterranean has been of most concern because it is the shortest route and has been possible to cross in…but we should be thinking and preparing now for what happens as we move into the summer on the western Mediterranean route, which is where this issue started to flare up last year with the numbers coming from Libya and North Africa.”

Government sources in the UK also revealed David Cameron was preparing to urge EU leaders to refocus on Libya and smuggling routes into Italy in the western Med.

(Source: Thesun.co.uk)