When the Military Reclaim Obalende Road

Billboard welcoming the Chief of Army Staff

Obalende Road in Ikoyi, Lagos Nigeria has become notorious for being a major brothel street in Lagos. Sadly, this is one of the roads that leads to the Dodan Barracks, the military seat of power some decades ago when Lagos was still the capital of Nigeria.

The public toilet on the street was also pulled down

As the Chief of Army Staff is set to visit Dodan Barracks, the Supreme Military Headquarters from 1966 to 1991 by Obalende Road, the military swung into action by closing up all the brothels and the shanties along this road where cars are packed indiscriminately; motorcycles, popularly called okada, were repaired, un-prescribed ethnic drugs were sold, and premium motor spirit (pms) sold through black market.

The cleared portion of the road where some shanties were previously built

The road is cleared at the moment and this development is expected of a society that is interested in the welfare of her citizenry. However, it is anticipated that this will put an end to the brothel industry on the road.