Under Lagos Bridges: Squalor, Crime, and the Need for a Better Option

Photo/Simi Solanke

It has become a regular occurrence that trucks fall off the Ijora-Apapa Bridge in Lagos. However, there is no time that this happens without casualties which include the passengers of these trucks and the workers or residents under the bridge.

Many bridges have flowing streams, rivers or floodplains. However, the crude waste disposal method of Lagosians makes the bridges really filthy. People throw their waste into gutters, most especially when it rains. All the waste usually gets stored up under these bridges and some people do not mind living and carrying out their businesses in these neighborhoods. Well frankly, most have no other option.

Photo/Author Provided

It is a known fact that the housing market in Lagos is becoming increasingly high, rent/housing prices in some areas is comparable to New York City and Paris. So virtually all the bridges in Lagos have residents underneath. A large number of these people are from other neighboring states who want to eke out a living in Lagos. Some do delve into lives of crime perpetrated late at night or very early in the morning. Bridge life also makes it easier to exchange drugs.

Photo/Author Provided

There is a need not to neglect the fraction of the population under the bridges in Lagos. Some of these bridges are Odo-Iya Alaro bridge on Ikorodu Road; Ifako-Gbagada- Ogudu bridge on Lagos-Ibadan expressway; the Adeniji bridge and Obalende bridges. There is a need to resettle them in habitable places and all the dirt around these locations be removed because of the continued environmental pollution. Life in Lagos and other parts of the country needs to be conducive for everyone.