#WCW: Mocheddah

Mochedda photographed by Tope Horpload
Mocheddah photographed by Tope Horpload

25-year-old music artist turned style star, Mocheddah is rising fast to dominate the fashion scene.

Her personal style over the years has transitioned from punk rockish-not-so-chic (reminiscent of her dancer-rapper girl days) to a glorified glam chic fashionista. Nothing like your average celebrity who enlists the help of a full professional glam squad to get fleeky-chic, instead Mocheddah is a glam squad of one.

Sans the occasional designer-muse love affair with some of Nigeria’s exceptional designers like April by Kunbi, who seems to be Mochedda’s go-to-brand for her “glam-aficionado”, this artist on the rise almost always pulls together a beautiful look solo dolo.

Mochedda in Mai Atafo at the 2014 MTV MAMAs
Mocheddah in Mai Atafo at the 2014 MTV MAMAs

Let’s not forget her velvety chic look from Mai Atafo at the 2014 South African MTV MAMAs.

Recently, ditching her bowl cut, which became some sort of signature look for Mocheddah, she’s now morphed into a refined and gorgeous version of herself, highlighted on her Instagram page (@mocheddah), if all else fails Mocheddah has an outstanding makeup artistry career ahead of her.

Her new found confidence in her style resonates with the girl next door vibe you’d have gotten from her personality in the past while showing that Mocheddah is growing up in front of the camera and loving it.

Her Instagram is source of every day glam inspiration and body goals with a side of the occasional style tricks she shares with her fans.

Nigerian Reporter: Mochedda
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This Naija girl is a WCW (Woman Crush Wednesday) all day everyday. We will continue to watch and take notes from the glam swan that is Mocheddah!