Notes on Dating a Nigerian: Superstitions and Traditions

Owl crying on your rooftop
Read why an owl crying on your rooftop is a bad omen.

In Nigeria, it is often believed that certain things are bound to occur, based on traditional societal beliefs if precautions are not taken. decided to compile a list of some of the most superstitious beliefs in Nigerian history. Take a look at these superstitions and traditions that could help you when dating a Nigerian.

Crossing the legs of a pregnant woman
It is often believed that crossing the legs of a pregnant woman (literally walking by a pregnant woman while she is seated) is a bad practice because it is believed that the unborn child will look like the person who crossed her legs, the only way to reverse the “curse”, retrace your steps.

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Butterfly connections


Butterfly perches
If by chance a butterfly perches on you, then it is certain that a relative of yours that is away may return home.

Fetching water at night
In most Yoruba cultures, it is considered taboo for someone to be fetching water at night but that has not stopped a large number of Yoruba indigenes from engaging in such an act.

Hitting your left leg on a stone
The hitting of your left leg on a stone or stump is seen as an evil omen or warning to turn back from wherever you might be going. This omen is taken seriously and the journey is usually forfeited for the future. Failure to heed the warning could lead to possible loss of life.

Eating in the dark
Eating in the dark is forbidden in traditional Nigerian society. It is believed that doing so gives room to the dead or ghosts to eat with you and this could lead to your death or grave ailments.

Whistling at night
It is not a good idea to whistle at night in traditional Nigerian society. The belief is that whistling attracts snakes to the whistler.

Lending money in the morning
If you expect the traditional Nigerian man to lend you money in the early hours of the morning or to pay up a debt, then you have got the wrong thinking. There is this strong belief that giving money out in the early hours of the morning could bring a whole lot of bad luck across your way.

Coconut water, the more you drink the more you…

Drinking coconut water
Most parents always prevent a child from drinking the water inside a coconut considering the “fact” that the coconut water causes the child to grow up to be less intelligent.

Eating the food of a woman while on her menstrual cycle
Perhaps this belief came from the biblical perspective that women on their monthly period are “unclean”. Eating the food of women, while on their menstrual cycle, is generally believed to reduce sexual potency and weaken any talisman used by a man. This belief is strongly held by traditionalists in Nigeria.

An owl crying on the roof of your house
Owls hooting on your rooftop or on a nearby tree are a bad omen, as it is believed that someone in that house will soon die. In Nigeria and a few other African cultures, owls are associated with witchcraft, so its cries are usually taken very seriously.

Your hands itching you without reason
If your hands are itching without reason, then, it is believed that fortune is about to come your way. When the traditional Nigerian man/woman gets that itch they are filled with smiles and happiness as he/she believes that some form of good fortune is about to come his/her way.