Monochrome: A Black and White Photo Story

emir of kontagora
The Emir of Kontagora, early 1900’s.

The Nigerian Nostalgia Project (NNP) is a worldwide photo collection project with over 60,000 members. The project seeks to preserve the history of the Nigerian people as well as surrounding countries on the African continent. Take a look at Nigerians doing ordinary activities prior to independence (pre-1960) compared to how they do those same activities in the new millennium.

This project is specially curated in collaboration with NNP Project founder Etim Eyo.

Emir of Kano presiding over his court, 2014.
A Bicycle Taxi Service In Maiduguri.1939_Nigeria Magazine
Bicycle Taxi Service in Maiduguri. 1939. Nigerian Magazine
In this Thursday, May 13, 2010 file photo, an unidentified man suffering from polio rides on a make shift bike in Kano, Nigeria.
An unidentified man suffering from polio. He rides a makeshift bike in Kano, Nigeria. May, 2010.
ikot inyang party of women about to visit new born child oct 21 1905 the trustees of the british museum
Ikot Inyang women and girls prepare to visit a new born child. October, 1905. The trustees of the British Museum
A visitor holds Habibat Adeboye's baby shortly after delivery at the Doctors Without Borders-run Aiyetoro Health Centre in Lagos, Nigeria. The clinic offers free care to women who live in a slum and have poor access to health care. At the time, federal doctors were on strike.
A friend holds her baby’s child shortly after delivery in Lagos, Nigeria. 2014
Zaranda - Hair dressing 1947 the trustees of the british museum
Hair dressing Zaranda. 1947. The Trustees of the British Museum.
women_braiding_hair for each other
Women braiding hair for each other. 2015.
ibong planting yam Jan 1905 the trustees of the british museum
Ibong planting yam. January 1905. The Trustees of the British Museum
Farmers weeding grass for yams in Ekiti State, Nigeria. 2012.

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