Fisayo Longe, A Member of the Fashion Elite

Pink bomber jacket and Kurt Geiger thigh high wolf boots.

By Gloria Adeyeye

Quick facts

Instagram: 51.8k followers and rising

Facebook: 2,730 likes

Twitter: 2,452 followers

Labels: Asos, Marc Jacobs, Top Shop, Louis Vuitton, Zara, and the list goes on

Locations: Istanbul, London, Miami, Ibiza, Paris, Casares, Lagos and the list goes on

Fisayo Longe in Thailand.

Fisayo Longe is the style icon behind Mirror Me an online blog that she uses as a medium to show her followers where she is in the world. A Nigerian born London Fashionista, Model and Stylist. She is daughter to Mr. and Ms. Longe they are the picture of a modern Nigerian family.

Using social media to document her travel adventures and inspiration gained along the way, you can tell she loves what she does and that her inspiration comes from her travels, she captures great scenes from locations she visits that transport you to that place in time.

But there is more to her a quiet beauty, her smile makes you know she is real. She has a classy sophistication about her that is humble, that old-time classy that feels like she is Kerry Washington mixed with Oprah Winfrey.

At 51.8 k followers on Instagram she probably does not need more followers but if you love watching the award show fashion previews, following Fisayo Longe on Instagram is what you need to do to get your fix when award season ends. You need to carve out time to feed on everything she does; there is food, travel, fashion, architecture and decor in the locations and pictures that she appears to blend into. Her travels have taken her around Africa, Asia and locations in Europe.

fisayo_longe_all love from ibiza
Fisayo Longe shares nothing but love. Ibiza, Spain.

Digging deeper, Fisayo did not fall into this profession she actually had a choice. She quit her job as an auditor with a great company and went with her passion for fashion and travel blogging. She is more than a face and awesome pictures on Instagram and she is not your regular blogger; she is an entrepreneur, an educator and a coach too. I wonder if she knows she is a coach, but I got that feeling going through her posts.

Her blog posts are captivating, among many the one titled “How to be an entrepreneur without quitting your day job” is the one I connected with immediately. As someone juggling working a day job and combining a passion for entrepreneurship, I could relate to her blog post. She goes into the details of the challenges of leaving a 9-5 job to follow your passion.

It has not been easy for her too, but having her parents made it easier for her to sustain her new life as an entrepreneur. Her posts on her blog speaks volumes about who she is, it gives light to her experiences and her thoughts and I believe that is why she inspires her followers as she creates awareness in them.

Modus vivendii khaki hoodie.

People with responsibilities and obligations, will always struggle with a transition, quitting without a new job lined up. But with a plan and a passion you will be able to juggle the dream. Checkout this tweet from the same article “If you can deliver great results in a job that you hate, you will be a more successful entrepreneur”. A follower commenting on her blog about this article had this to say about Fisayo and Mirror Me, “it is the first place I come to when I need a boost”.

Gloria Adeyeye is a freelance journalist and event planner based in the U.S. She loves art, history, and writing stories.

  • Sade Aladejana-Lewis

    Nice piece about Fisayo. I do not know her personally but she seems approachable and nothing as stuck up as the other bloggers out there.