Enugu and Fulani Herdsman Clash; Soyinka Has Harsh Words for PMB


An attack was witnessed this week in Enugu State as some suspected Fulani herdsmen unleashed terror on the Ukpabi Nimbo and in Umuchigbo communities in Enugu State, killing dozens of people. The attack came weeks after a similar wave of violence between Agatu and Fulani herdsmen in Benue State.

After weeks of apparent silence on the killings that have spread to other states, the presidency ordered the police to go after the suspected herdsmen.

Nobel laureate, Wole Soyinka, recently lashed out at the presidency for its seeming inability to rein in the violent activities of herdsmen across the country.


“I have yet to hear this government articulate a firm policy of non-tolerance for the serial massacres that have become the nation’s identification stamp,” said Mr. Soyinka.

“I have not heard an order given that any cattle herders caught with sophisticated firearms be instantly disarmed, arrested, placed on trial, and his cattle confiscated. The nation is treated to an eighteen-month optimistic plan which, to make matters worse, smacks of abject appeasement and encouragement of violence on innocents”.

“Let me repeat, and of course I only ask to be corrected if wrong: I have yet to encounter a terse, rigorous, soldierly and uncompromising language from this leadership, one that threatens a response to this unconscionable blood-letting that would make even Boko Haram repudiate its founding clerics.,” he concluded.

The Nigerian government has failed to completely halt rampant violence in the country among herdsmen and most especially in the Northern region by the Boko Haram sect.