420: Celebrating Through Fashion

cannabisSnapchat and Instagram videos are probably making potties envious while sitting behind that 9-5 work desk wondering “what is life”.

With the global fashion world embracing cannabis culture faster than the movement of legalizing it.

Today is globally celebrated as WEED DAY!

Apparently 420 is inspired by a 1971 plan to search for an abandoned marijuana crop plot. Although, Steven Hager might argue his story for High Times where he stated 4:20 as being a socially decent hour to indulge in a blunt or two is a more apt historical reference.

It could be 4:20 p.m./a.m. where you are or just 4/20 the day, cannabis is evolving from a preferred choice indulgence to collectible inspiration, with fashion musings that show what fashion lovers; stoners or not can identify with, for the love of Mary Jane.

We are in fashion forward times where it seems like cannabis is more of a fashion statement and a cool cult like movement that we all might want to indulge in:

This Caribbean girl and rock superstar has re-inspired the fashion world with her love of cannabis. She rocks a mesh t-shirt with marijuana leaf, dope knee high riding boots, and fish nets.
Fashion pot odor concealing purses for fashion forward stoners
Fashion pot odor concealing purses for fashion forward stoners. Photo/annabis.com
Cash holders for men
groom inspired weed botineas
Yep that’s right: it’s a groom inspired weed boutonnière.