Kitchen Butterfly: Creating the New Wave with Food

Nkwobi Jollof
Nkwobi Jollof. Photo/

Coming across Kitchen Butterfly’s blog, you’ll twinge with a little bit of jealousy and then pride.

A range of emotions will capture you on her website and on her social media feed; from wishing she was your friend to wishing you could make food sound intelligently poetic and nothing like the average Nigerians-hands akimbo – “Is it not just food?”

Paw Paw – Tomato – Jalapeno – Chutney

To the Kitchen Butterfly it is above and beyond food, it is passion and love, it is sharing and learning and above all it is the ability to express her zest for more in life. Her experiences and highly charged taste buds prompt her to push the boundaries of any ingredient or dish irrespective of its locality to making it her own.

Fashion despite its stance on food and the pretense to ignore the joys in the ability to nibble, hinges heavily on the creativity of food lovers like Kitchen Butterfly who are able to create food trends from usually obscure ingredients to highly demanded culinary treats.

The attention to detail and artistic presentations make her homemade dishes master chef worthy.

To Ozoz, a self acclaimed “Traveler, by plate”, using food ways defined as the social, cultural and economic practices relating to the production and consumption of food to explore the world makes food more than just eating.

Palm Wine Granita and Soursop Sorbet

Her blog is the modern Nigerian woman’s or man’s guide to an exciting kitchen, her willingness to push boundaries is gaining the attention of food lovers and brands alike, propelling what to her might be a fun loving activity, into a brand worthy of global indulgence.

The Kitchen Butterfly is changing the locale when it comes to African ingredients by creating recipes indulgent of her travels and well horned cooking craftsmanship.

I religiously navigated her blog for some of my favorite and promising recipes:

Nkwobi Jollof

Pawpaw-Tomato-Jalapeno Chutney

Plátanos Fritos

Nigerian scent leaf dip

Be sure to catch The Kitchen Butterfly she will surely rank among other top chefs on your list for African must try master classes on food and tasting.