Nigeria Focuses in on “Solar Farming” to Boost the Economy

grasslandFarmers in North America are harvesting a different crop as of late – sunshine. Many farmers in America and Asia tend to use long, flat, and treeless plain to extract solar energy with the use of solar panels before thinking about the food crop they want to cultivate.

One North American family, the Dawson Singletary family has been planting cotton, peanuts and tobacco on over 530 acres for over a century. The family is now generating greater income from the agricultural sector by leasing out some of their land for the installation of solar plants.

In a similar plan, Nigeria has committed to converting acres of plains and grassland in its Northern region for solar energy production, as the epileptic power supply has become a huge hindrance to investment in the country, including the agricultural sector.

Access Africa and Quaint Global Energy Solutions reached an agreement to build a plant that would provide over 600,000 megawatts of solar power.

In further developments, joint cooperation is underway between Jigawa State, Katsina State and some private firms in establishing solar plants capable of supplying 205 megawatts to the these northern states.

This platform is expected to boost agriculture as many manufacturing and agro-processing companies await strong electricity supply to start operations.