Nigerian Society of Engineers Gives A Community Access to Quality Water

borehole NSE_nigerian_society_of_engineers
Photo/Courtesy of the Nigerian Society of Engineers

The Nigerian Society of Engineers, Maitama branch, has brought a much needed boost to the daily life of community members of the Gudilah Community, Abaji Area Council of the Federal Capital Territory, by donating a borehole. A borehole is the generalized term for any narrow shaft bored in the ground, to extract water or oil.

Speaking at the commissioning of the borehole, engineer and chairman of the Nigerian Society of Engineers (NSE) Maitama Branch; said that the branch is interested in giving back to the society as they have discovered that there are many people who do not have access to the necessity of life – water – a luxury in these parts.

In his words, “before the Nigerian Society of Engineers, Maitama branch decided to donate this borehole to this community; we found out that there was no access to quality water and this is one of the necessities of life and not a luxury. We are poised to give hope to people across various strata of life”.

While appreciating all engineers who supported the vision, engineer Michael Uba, MNSE, Project Coordinator said, “the feat was only achievable through the collective effort of all the members of the Maitama branch of the Nigerian Society of Engineers.”

The Sarki Gudilah, Chief of the Community was full of life as he acknowledged the contribution of the NSE to the community. He said, “our wives and daughters have been going to fetch water from the river and we cook, bath and drink this water. We have seen this type of facility in other places but we had no access to it until these God sent engineers brought it here. We will protect it and show it to many generations of children born into this community.”