African Children’s Book The Quest for the Gem of Arubia

Albinos are being celebrated through The Quest For the Gem of Arubia the highly anticipated children’s fantasy book by top movie critic, entertainment lawyer and lead film adaptation campaigner in Nigeria, Augusta M. Okon.

The beautifully crafted African story which tackles issues faced by the “Child Albino” is spun around riddles, thrives in locations that indeed would trigger off one’s imagination and set young minds on course for an exciting adventure. Even adults will find this to be a reading delight.

According to Augusta Okon:

“Albinism is a big problem in certain parts of Africa and I’m indeed elated that the African child and indeed those around the world, can step into the world of fantasy with this book and embark on a journey that would keep them engaged from start to finish”.

“It will help these young minds understand what their counterparts who are albinos are facing, and instill care and tenderness towards them. It also encourages those with low self-esteem tagged as the rejects who society believes nothing good can come out of them to rise up and achieve their dreams. It will inspire children all over the world and is certainly worth reading.”

The Quest For The Gem Of Arubia will be released to the public on April 28, 2016 at the Goeth Institute, City Hall, Lagos, Nigeria. Find out more details about the release if you are outside of Nigeria by contacting the author here.