Spring is Here; How to Maximize Your Look With Fashion Accessories

John Galliano Resort 2012. Try sheer mesh nylon socks with heels!
John Galliano_spring_summer 2014
Hats are always an essential accessory piece that never go out of style. Ripped from the runway this ready to wear look, mixes rocker edge and comfort while still remaining girly. Photo/John Galliano S/S 2014

What is fashion if not an experiment in limits? While much of what’s on the runways of New York and Paris are not realistically what we are ready to wear today, it is however important that designers out there continue to stretch boundaries. Their innovation lives in the fantastical for us, and each new season tests these new ideas.

John Galliano, above all, understands the capacity of the body as a tableau. As the lead designer of Givenchy, Christian Dior, and his own label John Galliano, we can learn a lot from him by looking at the details of garments in his elaborate and exquisite collections.

The key in creating a total look has always and will forever lie in the accessories of a complete look.

Piecing together garments is key for a look, yes this is true, but the finishing touches lie in how well you can piece together, mix and match, and just simply toss metals, plastics, stones and gems to compliment your look.

Have fun with it. It can’t hurt to try.

givenchy_fall 2016
Givenchy Fall 2016

There is always thrill in the frill. Fringe and lace is a nice feminine touch and a pastel color goes well on honey caramel skin tones. Match your look with an almost nude shoe like this one, definitely wear heels, to elevate the look.

givenchy men - pre -fall - 2012
Givenchy Pre-Fall 2012

Men can play up the accessories as well. Androgyny is in and here to stay. You might have seen celebrities like Jaden Smith rocking a skirt, thinking the look is out of reach, but it absolutely is not. Rock your skirt with military style boots, sneakers, and a statement jewelry piece to keep your masculine edge.

christian dior spring 2016
Christian Dior Spring 2016

Girl you better rock that purse! An accessory forever linked to functionality, a purse in a color like white or black really helps to complete a look, not to mention, can be used again and again as it matches almost any ready to wear look.

Dior Homme S/S 2016

Damn Daniel! If the purse is a classic statement piece to any woman’s look, the blazer is the must have statement piece of the homme. Even if you are having a disheveled type day, a blazer in the classic colors of navy blue, black, or gray really ups the ante in completing a look. As we walk into spring try a light-colored pant and shoes for a dinner date or casual Friday at work.