Nigeria Finally Has a Budget to Work on for the Year 2016

Photo/South Street Journal

The tension and drama that followed the submission of Nigeria’s 2016 budget to the Senate is over. Hopes of recording conflicts over the contents of the budget failed many politicians and other individual mockers as the Senate applied a sense of maturity for the first time over budget issues since 1999.

The major interest of most Nigerians is to know the landlord of Aso-rock as it was contained in the budget that Nigeria has to pay a rent for the presidential villa. This issue was settled amicably without revealing the outcomes or reactions from members of the Federal Government on this matter to the public. President Muhammadu Buhari’s government was perceived as suspicious for not being transparent in this regard. Nevertheless, the passage of the budget on Wednesday is considered a victory.

The total figure of N6.80 trillion that was proposed before the Senate was corrected and reduced to N6,060,677,358,227.00 trillion. Since 1999, when Nigeria started its sustainable democracy, this is the lowest budget figure to be proposed and passed by the executive arm. This may reveal Nigeria’s commitment to discipline and transparency under this administration.

According to Hon. John Enoh who heads the Senate’s Financial Committee, (SFC), Nigeria impressed the world and established more confidence due to the thorough process of evaluating the 2016 budget, passing the budget with a reduction total, which is unprecedented.