The Juiciest Gossip Stories Ripped from the Headlines III

Nigerian Reporter brings you seven of the juiciest gossip headlines from last week. And maybe a few you might have missed from the top of this week.

1. Politics: Kano lawmakers impeach their Chief Whip, for what would seem like his support of the current Executive Governor but opposition party the PDP (Peoples Democratic Party). Read the full details here.


2. Nigerian entertainment: Is one of the most popular groups in Nigerian music history breaking up? The on-again off-again turmoil of the famous group, P Square does not seem to go away. The breakup is only fueled by rumors that twin brothers Peter and Paul Okoye are not on good terms, so much so they allegedly have not set eyes on each other in months. The recently spoke to Peter Okoye in his home in Lekki. Peter said that things got rough when he asked his older brother Jude to step down as manager of the group, Paul seemed to be okay with this managerial departure if he also separated from the group and went solo. We can only hope the group and family can work things out.


3. Nigerian diaspora entertainment US: The National Geographic Channel has nabbed the rights to David Oyelowo’s Drama Series The Black 22s. As described on, The Black 22s is based on the true story of a brilliant African-American detective and one of America’s first all-black police squads in St. Louis, Missouri. Battling the gangland killers of Prohibition and set up to fail by their own bosses, they fought for justice during one of the most racially charged times in history, in a city that to this day is a flash point for racism and police brutality.

The Black 22s is the black Untouchables,” Oyelowo said. “Our goal is to serve up a kinetic and vibrant show that displays the excitement and energy of America in the 1920s, with a cinematic punch.”


4. Nigerian diaspora entertainment UK: Alex Iwobi scored his first goal on the Arsenal squad this past weekend in the EPL match between Arsenal and Everton. As he makes his way to training camp in Nigeria ahead of the Super Eagles AFCON qualifier clash against the Pharaohs of Egypt, it seems the English Football Association is regretting not nabbing the 19-year-old Young Gunner on an English national team earlier.


5. Nigerian diaspora entertainment Canada: The reports Nigerian singer, Sean Tizzle was in the studio where he recently worked with Daystar Peterson better known as Tory Lanez, a Canadian born singer and rapper. The duo hooked up during Sean Tizzle’s recent tour of the United States for a collaboration on one of the tracks that’ll be on Sean’s 2nd studio album.

Sean tizzle

6. Environment: Nigeria plans a massive cleanup in the oil-rich Niger Delta region, where residents have been complaining of the highly dangerous oil spilling and mismanagement of oil production in the region for years. Alhaji Ibrahim Usman Jibril, Minister of State for the environment, said President Muhammadu Buhari is committed to resolving the country’s environmental challenges while creating jobs and ensuring sustainable development.


7. Blog gist: Davido says his YouTube videos have saved him from arrest by the US police. Davido has a large house in Atlanta, Georgia, and according to him police entered his home, suspicious of how he could own such a large property. He revealed he is one of the most famous and well-known acts in African music through none of other than social media, showing them his videos on YouTube.