English Football Association Wants To Cap Iwobi, reveals Emmanuel Okocha


Former international Emmanuel Okocha has confirmed that the English Football Association has planned to cap Super Eagles striker, Alex Iwobi for their senior national team, the Three Lions.

Okocha, who’s an older brother to Austin ‘Jay Jay’ Okocha revealed that Iwobi’s fantastic display in the colors of the Gunners has given the English FA a rethink in their quest in adding the young Nigerian to their squad.

Iwobi is in Nigeria in preparation for the Super Eagles double-header clash against the Pharaohs of Egypt on March 25 and 29 respectively and if capped in full international competition, England may well end their chase.

Okocha agrees with Arsène Wenger as Nigerian Reporter, reported in early February that the 19-year-old Iwobi was to join Nigeria as his national team.

Recalling the performance of Iwobi by the Gunners manager, Wenger said “Iwobi was one of the biggest players that wore the Arsenal colors in the win against Burnley during the FA cup, and also made a great impact when he played for England during the Youth Football competitions”.

Okocha has warned that if Iwobi gets on the pitch in Nigeria’s clash against Egypt then the English FA can kiss their dreams of obtaining the Young Gunner on the national team bye-bye.

Iwobi has 11 caps in total for England’s youth teams, all in non-competitive fixtures, and has played two friendlies for Nigeria.