Kano Lawmakers Impeach Chief Whip over His Refusal on Ganduje’s Vote of Confidence as APC Leader

gandujeThe outcome of the special sitting held by Kano State members of the House of Assembly shocked the masses and created a new look towards Kano State political operations.

A special sitting was organized by Kano State’s lawmakers to discuss the executive governor of the state, Abdullahi Umar Ganduje becoming the APC leader turned sour for the Hon. Zubairu Mamuda.

Mamuda was impeached from office as the chief whip of the State House of Assembly.

Former Governor Rabiu Kwankwaso who just reconciled with his successor from the conflicts that arose during the governorship election embarked on another fresh battle while longing for the position of the state party leader, splitting the political loyalty of Kano state into two.

Mamuda pledged his support to the former governor of the state Rabiu Kwankwaso as the state party leader. He was of course considered a traitor to the APC party and the present government because Kwankwaso is a PDP member and has had contentious claims of “political thuggery” hurled at him by Executive Governor Ganduje. A motion was moved by the Deputy Speaker of State House, Alhaji Hamisu Ibrahim Chidari to impeach Mamuda, which was successful as 32 other colleagues supported his view.

This situation makes the political status of Kano State suspicious, to say the least, as lawmakers seemed to be hand in hand with the current executive arm of government in the state which may hinder the thorough check on the activities of the governor during his time in office. It also sets a precedent for the judicial affairs of government to be influenced by the legislative squabbles of political leaders, elected to office to represent the Republic.