Eye-Witness Report: Chicago Protest of Trump Rally was Not Incited by Sanders Supporters

Protesters against Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump chant “Bernie, Bernie, and We Stopped Trump,” after a rally on the campus of the University of Illinois-Chicago, was canceled, March 11, 2016, in Chicago. AP Photo/Charles Rex Arbogast

Ahead of people going to the ballot box in Tuesday’s high stakes voting round for the United States presidential race to the White House for the Republican and Democratic nominees, Nigerian Reporter was able to receive an exclusive eye-witness report of the Friday protests that sparked mass hysteria on the streets of Chicago.

Media reports vary on the cause of the protests that had thousands of people flowing into the streets, but the protests did lead Republican front-runner Donald Trump to decisively cancel his rally. Trump has since chastised voter loyalty from both Democratic candidates Bernie Sanders and Hillary Clinton, saying in so many words that their supporters agitated the protests in Chicago, particularly putting blame on Sanders supporters. 

By Moji Akinde

On Friday March 11, 2016, a Donald Trump rally was planned for the city of Chicago.

A city, mostly segregated by race and class, is despite this very diverse, proud and unstoppable in its quest for peace and unity.

We have had our fair share of political scandals such as the “selling of the senate seat” with Rod Blagojevich, the Laquan McDonald police investigation cover-up involving Mayor Rahm Emmanuel and State Attorney Anita Alvarez; as well as our unfortunate moniker (Chiraq) as the murder capital of the country. However, having lived here for almost half of my life, I know that Chicagoans refuse to succumb to hateful and discriminatory rhetoric and will not allow Donald Trump to spread the seeds of his poisonous ideas here.

News outlets wanted us to believe the reports of violence that help their ratings, it is Chicago after all; however I can confidently say that anyone who was violent at that rally did so as a result of provocation from Trump supporters. Chicagoans did not show up that night to incite violence – we see on a daily firsthand basis, the vile consequences of acts of intolerance. The thousands of protesters were from all age, race, religious, and social demographics. They arrived at the University of Illinois-Chicago pavilion and did so to send an equally loud message to the Trump supporters, that love does indeed trump hate.

In Chicago, a city full of architectural wonders, a modern metropolis with a Midwestern charm, an international power house that this Nigerian girl has fallen in love with and made home – In this ChiCity, there is no room for hate. And in the words of Kendrick Lamar that the anti-Trump protesters chanted, “We gon be alright”.

Moji Akinde is a writer and event planner. She is also owner and lead designer at Fèhìntì, a line of home accessories handcrafted with Nigerian fabric. Learn more about Fèhìntì here.