The Votes are in…Clinton Favored Over Sanders Among Nigerians

HillaryMost people from every part of the world are in one way or another interested in the election process that will bring America’s next leader. The reason for this varies from one person to another, and also from one country to another. Reasons for world interest could very well include similarities in political structure with America, economic partnerships, or just considering the United States as a role model.

Nigerians, particularly have a great interest in keeping up with the race to the White House, but aside from the banter on the Republican nominees, specifically Donald Trump, they generally have a greater interest in the Democratic party. This interest was heightened with the election of President Barack Hussein Obama, representing Africa in the States.

Nigerian Reporter carried out research, through group discussions on social media websites including Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram where Nigerians demonstrate they want Hillary Clinton to prevail over Bernie Sanders based on her personality and the legacy of her husband, former president Bill Clinton.

Bill Clinton’s humble roots, according to some, lend to his ability to consider all men equal without discrimination of classes. During Bill’s presidency he visited Nigeria, and went to many rural areas exchanging handshakes with less privileged children and adults without considering security. Nigerians believe Hillary Clinton will operate in the same vein.

Another great point is that Nigerians have been faced with the problems of leadership for a very long time which really discourages the rate of development in the country. It has led many to believe that having a woman as a leader will change the whole system for good because women possess more “emotional sensibility”.

Clinton vs Sanders Nigerian Opinions

  • Bernie Sanders lost his stride with many Nigerians because of his evolutionary claim that the first African head of state in the White House has failed America.
  • Sanders attacks on Obama are selfish and deceitful and made to gain more prestige.
  • Sanders always speaks for himself using his scientific knowledge-based points in proclaiming his ambition rather than pointing out the major problems of the people.
  • Hillary Clinton understands the needs of America both in terms of immigration and the economy.
  • Clinton will bring about better living conditions and strengthen the Affordable Care Act.