Water No Get Enemy: Nigerian Residents Wait in Line as the Water Supply Dries Up

A boy and his friend haphazardly take queue in the waterline. Photo/Author Provided, Austine Akhilomen

Water is one indispensable resource that every human being on earth can’t do without. Considering the fact that it serves various uses to our well-being such as drinking, washing, cooking etc. However, the well-water, which has been Africa’s means of fetching this essential life resource for domestic use has dried up since the beginning of the year, most especially in Lagos, Nigeria.

With exception to those homes that have boreholes within their compound, the majority of people are now relying on government boreholes, causing long queues like an ant colony in the streets.

Nigerianreporter.com visited some areas within Lagos State, and captured some photos that depict aspects of this story. 

Buckets waiting to be filled. Photo/Author Provided, Austine Akhilomen.
Adults and children filling up. Photo/Author Provided, Austine Akhilomen
The waiting game. Photo/Author Provided, Austine Akhilomen.
View of water reserve, top left. Photo/Author Provided, Austine Akhilomen.
Women with their buckets in tow. Photo/Author Provided, Austine Akhilomen.

Water supply and sanitation in Nigeria, the largest African country and the continent’s biggest oil exporter, is characterized by low levels of access to an improved water source and limited access to improved sanitation. Water and sanitation coverage rates in Nigeria are among the lowest in the world.