Exclusive: The Multiple Purposes of the Lagosian Streets Through Photos

Orange seller

By Olutayo Irantiola

Lagos is a place where every little opportunity must be maximized. This is the case of Ajiboye Street at Ketu-Alapere. This street serves different purposes for different sets of people at different times of the day.

Small child beggar who happened to be blind.

In the morning, this street is usually full of beggars who believe that people who are commuting to work will be benevolent unto them after praying unto God.

In the afternoon, many times, the police usually mount road blocks on this same road checking the particulars of vehicles and they “feed fat” on drivers at any slight expiration of any of these particulars.

20160307_201427 (1)
Banana Seller

From the evening, traders usually come with their wares. Some of these traders stay in the community and some of them are wives of the police officers.

Embers of fire and light from the sellers of roasted corn

They trade, in the at times, blistering mid-afternoon sun until late at night “rescuing” people who need some items for the night or early in the morning before setting out for the week.

However, the residents of Alapere Housing Estate have made various attempts to stop these traders, who make their market exchanges at the estate’s entrance gate, but traders often return despite residents’ quips.

20160304_092744 (1)
A woman begging with her children (not shown) by the fence of the Alapere Housing Estate

Many of these traders keep hoping that one day, they will be able to pay for a stall in one of the neighborhood markets.

Olutayo Irantiola is a Lagos based publicist and writer, he is also passionate about events that drive Nigeria into the future and loves all things Nigerian politics and entertainment.