The World’s Most Beautiful African Women on Instagram

Huddah Monroe, Kenya

Nigerian Reporter reviewed the Instagram pages of many African beauties to create this special and exclusively curated list of the most beautiful African and African diaspora women in the world. With a commanding following, these women not only have good looks, they have the sophistication and the tact to make themselves into brands in an age where becoming an entrepreneur through Instagram equals big business. 

Angola: Mell Chaves

Mell Chaves

With over 67,000 people watching her every post, Chaves works for Chocolate Magazine and is a blogger with beauty and fashion sense that commands a following.

Rwanda:  Kundwa Doriane

Kundwa Doriane

Miss Rwanda 2015 serves as a Style Train Ambassador. If winning a beauty pageant isn’t enough to add Kundwa Doriane to the “Most Beautiful” list, her involvement in social justice issues, her style and motivational words, just might be, oh and probably her 32,000 and counting followers.

Egypt: Assala Nasri

Assala Nasri

Singer Assala Nasri belts out some of Egypt’s best pop songs with her strong gifted voice. At 46-years-old she has been in the business of making hit records for decades. With 1.2 million followers the empress of these social media queens @assala_official uses her page to express her style, love for her family and the beautiful country of Egypt.

Nigeria: Tonye Garrick

Singer songwriter Tonyé is gaining popularity on the Nigerian music scene as a public artist with 21,000 followers and counting. Born in England, Tonyé spent most of her childhood and adult years in Paris, Nigeria, and Washington, DC.

Somalia: Fadumo Q. Dayib

Fadumo Q. Dayib Photo/

We are not sure we have ever seen a candidate for president look this beautiful, but Somalian Fadumo Dayib is just that. She received death threats this past week for her attempts to change the current political system in Somalia, despite this, she forges ahead. We hear your message Dayib. Although, her numbers on Instagram are modest compared to others on this list with just under 5,000 followers, she has over 42,000 followers on Facebook and with several interviews in the pipeline she is well on her way to bringing peace to Somalia.

Ghana: Miz Gold

Miz Gold

Miz Gold is a self-proclaimed CEO and she makes our list with over 95,000 followers. Famous or infamous for her bright pink tresses she makes her Instagram fun with video clips and photos from her travels. Miz Gold is a TV host and musician that is actively involved in promoting safe sex practices in Ghana and Africa. She makes our list not only because of her following but also because she has no qualms with rocking her natural hair all day, everyday.

Kenya: Huddah Monroe

Huddah Monroe

Huddah became popular after representing Kenya in the Big Brother Africa Challenge. Her popularity was triggered when she was eliminated from the show after only staying for a week. She has catapulted that soiree into the spotlight into a full fledged career of what she calls the “Mistress of all trades”, if that translates into sexy vacation pics to different African countries with an army of 660,000 followers, we are here for it.

South Africa: Bonang Matheba


Bonang Matheba is not only the host of E! Africa but she also hosted the African Future Awards in December 2015. She is a queen that is proudly South African but has always expressed her love for Nigerian men and food, this might have helped her boost her to 769,000 followers, nonetheless, Matheba is a boss bitch.

Across the Pond

Brazil: Nayara Justino

Nayara Justino

This afro-Brazilian beauty (see video top of post), was stripped of her Globeleza title for being what many suspected as “too black”, although her award was stripped and she was given no official reason for the call, she now commands the attention of followers beyond Brazilian borders, including fans like Lupita Nyong’o. The triple threat actress, model and dancer has got an enviable body and with a growing 11,000 followers she has made it her mission to let the world know black is beautiful.

Jamaica: Jessi Malay

Jessi Malay Photo:

Jessi Malay hits the list with 251,000 followers. A self proclaimed beauty curator and singer, its seems this woman with roots from Negril is becoming an unstoppable media force.