Fresh Ethnic Rampage in Nigeria: Yoruba Clash With Hausa in Lagos


One of the major causes of agitation for the Biafran Republic that lead to Nigeria’s first civil war in 1967 is the violence that arose between Igbo and Hausa ethnic groups in the northern part of Nigeria. The fight caused many casualties and loss of valuables even before the civil war began.

Lagos State allegedly experienced a similar situation today as conflicts were triggered between Yoruba and Hausa ethnic groups at a popular market known as Mile 12. The market is dominated by the Hausa ethnic group because of the nature of the trade which involves food varieties from the northern part of Nigeria.

The violence started two nights ago as a Hausa motorcyclist ran into a Yoruba pedestrian on a one-way route which caused serious injuries to the pedestrian. The request to take the injured person to the hospital by the masses living in the environment was rejected by the Hausa fellows which lead to the riot that claimed six lives and left many injured including  security forces.

A school located in the area has been demolished in the process of the riot. Market activities were restricted as security struggled with thieves that found the riots an opportune moment for theft, as reported valuables worth millions of naira were detroyed but robbery was also widespread.

Governor Ambode announced the restriction of movement on four streets in the area including Oniyanri Street, Maidan Street, Agiliti 1 and Agiliti 2.