#SuperTuesday: Tweets and Commentary from Nigerians on Trump

trumpAmerica is in the process of imagining a leader that will possibly affect the world as every nation is affected by America and her activities either in terms of economy, security, business and sociology.

Many boiling reactions can be seen on social media including Twitter about the thoughts of the different candidates ahead of the United States presidential elections…

Nigerians concentrated on Donald Trump more than every other aspirant, through their comments both on the street and social media.

Some reactions gathered on Twitter and from individuals are stated below;

  1. Eddy Wiz says that he hates Donald trump cause his comments are killing political vibes
  2. Kassim Adeniran thinks that no soothsayer is needed for the Black Americans to know that its time for them to pack their load and flee the country if they allow trump to win the election.
  3. Rebbeca told Nigerian Reporter that America will be a den of Islāmic terrorists as Trump hates the peaceful Muslims that dwell in America presently
  4. Eweoya Olawale said Trump is a bloody racist
  5. Team Laila said on twitter Trump, Trump, Trump….Clinton will triumph over you and trample you the silly Bigot
  6. Malachy said Trump is an old American street guy who made success by chance, that is why he is acting like that and he called him “Agbero” as popularly spoken in Lagos which means public bus conductor
  7. Carina Jacob said that Trump can never be a president cause he does not have the composed words needed to be spoken by an emulative leader
  8. the coordinator of APC in USA, Francis John said that Trump is not a man of unity like other American leaders
  9. Kenny T says that the condition of America will worsen to that of Nigeria in terms of hardship if Trump eventually won the presidential race
  10. CharlyTo break the cola of all these comments, a Nigerian popular artist known as Charly Boy

blasted Trump calling him moronic and a jackass, while reacting on social media, Charly Boy wrote a “round of applause to the world Jackass of all time who brought entertainment to politics, who revolves round effortlessly only to come out with notorious words that contain racism components”

Charly Boy described Trump as a leader that Americans will regret if they vote him into the White House as a president.