Nigeria Launches Another “Bring Back Our Girls” Campaign as 3 Girls are Abducted from School

IKORODUThe Nigerian government continues to search for over three hundred girls abducted by Boko Haram terrorists at a secondary school in Chibok, a village in the northern part of Nigeria. The popular saying “Bring Back Our Girls” came from the kidnapping of these girls and on the heels of this incident another fresh incident which called for the need of the saying occurred in Lagos state.

Three secondary school students, all girls, were abducted by unknown gunmen at about 8:00 pm, on Monday, from the Babington Macaulay Junior Secondary School in Ikorodu Local Government area of Lagos State.

With the present situation, the parents of the abducted students are now in a dilemma as their is no ransom demanded by the kidnapper(s) as of yet. Police and other community members have launched the ultimate search for the girls in Lagos.

The major reason why people are worried over this issue is because Ikorodu is a notorious area for finding human remains, especially the remains of women and girls, who have been used for rituals or beheaded in recent months.