Implementation of BVN Reveals 23,846 Ghost Workers on Nigeria’s Payroll

BVNThe focus of the present Nigerian government is to eliminate all corruption and fraudulent activities from the system of the federation in order to stop the unaccountable expenditures from the purse of the nation, save the wealth of the country for equal dividends and enhance the life of its citizens.

This became very important as the mutual relationship of Nigeria with other countries has been seriously effected by the recent economic downturn and devaluation of the naira.

Many strategies of curbing this situation that is expected to hatch positive results remains in the incubator due to the necessity of at times long legal procedures. Some of these include the probe of government officials and assessment of the citizens’ businesses and occupations in order to determine the range of wealth capabilities expected from each citizen.

Nevertheless, out of the many strategies coming from the federal government the newly implemented Bank Verification Number that was mandated for every individual banking in the country through the Central Bank of Nigeria, appears to be a success.

It was discovered that 23,846 accounts belong to non-existing staff popularly known as “ghost workers”.

The Federal Ministry of Finance disclosed the recent development in the payrolls of both retired and working civil servants in the country as Nigeria saves N2.29 billion monthly.

According to a statement made by the Special Adviser to the Minister of Finance, Festus Akanbi, ghost workers were detected and eliminated from the payroll as of January 2016.