The Mysteries Behind the Leap Year

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While some Nigerians might be already lining up their shopping carts with merchandise from their favorite online stores or celebrating their come once in every four years bday there are many causes for this Leap Day and the Leap Year in the first place:


It relates to how the earth orbits around the sun.  The reason for the leap year comes down to the earth’s revolutions, or the exact time it takes the Earth to make a full orbit, known as a solar year, is about 365.242199 days, or 365 days, 5 hours, 48 minutes and 46 seconds, according to time and date. The extra time is about the equivalent of an extra quarter of a day, meaning that every four years, the calendar has an extra day to make up for.

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The first civilizations to recognize the Leap Year vary, it is said Egyptians were among the first and the Romans later adopted the practice into their calendar and designated February 29 the official leap day.

The Mysteries:

For centuries, astrologers believed children born on leap day have unusual talents, unique personalities and even special powers. Famous African American poet Saul Williams may have some superpowers we are not privy to. Writing on his Twitter page: Thanks everyone – I ‘m 11 today. Hope u all enjoy my day 😎. 🙏🏿👄🙏🏿 #LeapDay “Bank the fraction” Hip-hop artist Ja Rule is celebrating his LeapDay in Vegas and started the twitter hashtag #LeapYearRule.

For Nigerians and our arguably high levels of mysticism, some believe there is a greater risk of death and catastrophe on this day.

On the upside, the Leap year is allegedly rich with couples seeking to get married.

In an anthropological report on the Igbo/Ibo speaking people of Nigeria, it is recorded that in Asaba the market day was changed due to the Leap year. ” A leap year known as Ar’uku, was made once in four years and the leap year is said to have been created by the Opeci”